We are destination wedding videographers



We traveled to Tuscany (Italy) to film this amazing destination wedding. Luca, the groom, is from northern Italy. Anzhela, the bride, is from Bulgaria. Both living in London, and they decided to get married in Tuscany in September, by the end of Summer. It was one of the craziest and most entertaining weddings we've ever filmed. Check out their amazing outfits and incredible venue.


This time we traveled to the French Riviera in the South of France, to film the stunning and unique wedding of Alexia and Pierre. They rented an old stoned villa for the whole weekend, hosted a pool party, brought in a couple of DJs from London and, even had a boat captain officiate their ceremony. We had an amazing time discovering this region and filming this memorable wedding.






This wedding will always hold a special spot in our hearts because it was one of the most extraordinary weddings we've ever filmed. Apart from allowing us to discover and explore the amazing Hawaii, we had the chance of having a complete Hawaiian experience thanks to the bride, Meghan, who grew up in Honolulu and ended up getting married at her old middle school. Added to this, the groom comes from an Indian family, which brought a magical mix to their story. We’ll never forget this trip.


Another piece of heaven on earth: Santorini, Greece. It was a pleasure to film the wedding of this American couple who decided to get married surrounded by the Aegean Sea. We come back to this incredible Greek island every year to film weddings, and we never get tired of seeing its magical sunsets.




This couple organized an unforgettable weekend for their family and friends. Her family is from Taiwan and his is from India. They rented a YMCA in the Red Woods of California and planned a weekend filled with activities such as archery, campfire s'mores, talent shows, food trucks, and more. It was an adult summer camp experience that we’ll never forget! 


This beautiful couple from Switzerland decided to get married in Mallorca because the bride’s mother, who passed away a long time ago, was originally from this island and had an emotional connection to it.


Another mix of cultures, which is always a blast. She is from Persia and he is Greek, and they decided to get married in the sunny Mallorca, one of our favorite places in the world. The beautiful traditions of Persia and the Mediterranean decorations were amazing. And the bride entered the ceremony riding a donkey! No more spoilers – watch the trailer here to view more from this incredible wedding.


The bride is half Japanese-half Spanish and the groom is from London, and together they planned a crazy Jewish wedding in Mallorca. The venue was a club, the entertainment was a live band, and the dance floor was in a swimming pool! If you can dream it, you can do it.